5 Must Do’s for New Homeowners

5 Must Do’s for New Homeowners

Moving into your new dream home can be a daunting task.  Between unpacking, cleaning and trying to find the perfect spot to put everything, it may feel like you have lost your mind.  That is why we’ve simplified things and created a list of five must do’s for new homeowners that you should do within the first month of living in your new home.

#1 Change the Locks 

Security is the number one concern of most people in a new environment. If your home isn’t brand new, you should definitely consider changing all the locks. You can easily switch out your locks and deadbolts in order to protect your valuables, family and of course, yourself. Check your local hardware store or hire a professional locksmith.

#2 Replace your Toilet Seats

Once again, if you’re not moving into a brand new home, you may want to consider replacing your toilet seats. Cleanliness is always high on the priority list, so instead of endless scrubbing and bleach, why not opt for a brand new toilet seat.

#3 Change your Air Filters 

This simple, three minute task can help improve the performance of your air conditioning and furnace units and help with any allergies in your home.  This inexpensive fix can also save you money!  The US Department of Energy says that replacing your dirty air filter with a new one can lower your A/C’s energy consumption by 5-10%.

#4 Revive your Front Door 

Painting your front door, or livening it up with fresh coat, will make a huge difference to the entrance of your home.  It will make your home look fresh, new, welcoming and ready for you and your guests.

#5 Steam Clean Carpets

If the previous owner hasn’t done so already, we suggest hiring a professional to come and steam clean all carpeted areas. Carpets can hold a lot of dirt, allergens, and can have a tendency to just “smell.” Doing so can ensure a fresh, clean, “like-new” feel to your home.


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